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Grief and Loss: Skills for Helping Youth (3HR)

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Grief and Loss: Skills for Helping Youth (3HR)

Grief and death have many facets when observed in children and youth whether through unexpected death, incarceration, foster care placement, etc. For this population, these difficult moments can be voluminous. How and when do we talk about the sudden death or terminal diagnoses of their loved ones? Are there key psychosocial factors related to grieving? Expound on the definitions of grief, death, bereavement, and mourning. Explore the various developmental differences and responses considered “normal” versus complicated grief.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of how children and youth grieve
  • Explore misconceptions and facts about grief
  • Be able to identify typical grief reactions and how to respond or intervene as needed
  • Recognize the difference between what grieving young people do and do not need

Social workers completing this course receive 3 Clinical asynchronous continuing education credits.

For other board approvals, this course qualifies for 3 hours of Clinical, Evidence-Based Practices, and General Skill Building continuing education training.

Course Instructor: Tonya Logan

Grief and Loss: Skills for Helping Youth (3HR)