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Depression: Hope through Understanding and Treatment (3HR)

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Depression: Hope through Understanding and Treatment (3HR)

This webinar will describe the etiology and symptoms of depression. It will address various therapies such as cognitive, interpersonal, psychodynamic, and group therapies in addition to medical intervention. This webinar is designed to underscore the impact of depression upon the human spirit while emphasizing the potential healing power to reduce or eliminate suffering. Participants will be empowered to help alleviate the devastating disease of depression. One of the most common myths surrounding mental health is that one is either mentally healthy or mentally ill. The reality is that one’s state of being exists on a continuum. A mentally healthy person may experience emotional problems, changes in behavior, or have strained and unhealthy relationships with others. A person diagnosed with a mental illness may experience moments of clarity and be highly functional. The presence of illness does not always impede one’s ability to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply practice guidelines, effective education, and empathic, respectful, and nonjudgmental counseling for the treatment of clients with major depressive disorders.
  • Identify appropriate elements of a suicide risk assessment and action plan.
  • Explore relevant psychosocial and cultural issues that impact care.
  • Demonstrate awareness of improved health care outcomes through effective communication and forming therapeutic alliances with clients.

Social workers completing this course receive 3 Clinical asynchronous continuing education credits.

For other board approvals, this course qualifies for 3 hours of Clinical, Evidence-Based Practices, and General Skill Building continuing education training.

Course Instructor: Tonya Logan

Depression: Hope through Understanding and Treatment (3HR)