Working with Veterans: Co-morbidity of PTSD & Substance Use

Providing 2 Online Continuing Education Hours for SUDV/EBP/PSY

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A discussion of how to identify the disorders, ask and answer the question”‘which do I treat first?’”, and explore evidence-based interventions and treatment methodologies for working with veterans with SUD & PTSD co-morbid diagnoses.

Using DBT in Working with Borderline Personality Disorder & PTSD

This online webinar will provide for 2 ONLINE continuing education hours of Evidence-Based Therapy.

An exploration of the origin of DBT and its application to working with clients who are diagnosed with BPD and PTSD or other trauma (sexual)

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & the Implications for Adult Mental Health Behaviors

Providing 2 ONLINE hours of GSB EBT/PSY Continuing Education

Determine the prevalence of ACES, examine signs of childhood abuse & neglect, and review the implementation of prevention through the identification of risk & protective factors

Understanding Addiction: Neurologically, Physically, & Psychologically

This course offers 2 ONLINE hours of SS EBT/PSY

A review of the neurobiology of addiction, three models of addiction, and evidence-based treatments in working with substance use clients who can also have a dual diagnosis.

The “Emotional” Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Histrionic, Borderline, Narcissist

This course offers 2 ONLINE hours of EBT

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Intimate Partner Violence: Safety Planning & Clinical Interventions

Providing 2 ONLINE hours of SS DV/EBT/PSY Continuing Education

Explore the impact and prevalence & impact of IPV, review the Cycle of Violence, discuss the development of a Safety Plan for IPV, discuss how to conduct a lethality assessment, and explore the behavior concept of Gaslighting.

DBT Part 2 – Putting Skills into Practice

This online webinar will provide 2-hours of Evidence-Based Therapy (EBT) training

A continuation of discussion from DBT 1 as we dive into more skills & technique practice activities such as DEAR MAN, STOP, and others

Elderly Addiction: Identifying Use, Misuse, and Abuse & Providing Effective Interventions

Providing 2 ONLINE hours of EBT & SUDE Continuing Education

Identify myths and realities of Alcohol, Medications, and Mental Conditions which make up the mix of an ‘invisible problem’, define common medical diagnoses in older adults and preventing medication and alcohol misuse, and determine how to address comorbid mental health conditions to help our clients maintain a healthy outlook on life

DBT Part 1 – Introduction to DBT & Skills

This webinar will provide for 2 online hours of Evidence-Based Therapy continuing education.

Discuss DBT intervention through Individual Psychotherapy, DBT Skills Training, In-the-Moment Phone Coaching, and example one of the most commonly used techniques