Clinical Supervision Services Provided by CE Training Workshops!

We are so happy that you have decided to work with our amazing Clinical Supervisors to achieve your supervision goals for full accreditation and licensure to practice in North Carolina! Clinical Supervision is a role where a fully licensed addiction counseling professional, hereto referred to as “supervisor”, guides the growth and professional development of an associate addictions counseling professional, hereto referred to as the “supervisee”. Clinical Supervision is a requirement of certification & licensure programs. The Supervisor serves both the counselor in training and the client and is legally and ethically responsible for the clinical practice by the Supervisee.

Meet Your Facilitators

Lorna Vanden Heuvel, MSW, LCSWA, LCAS, CSI is a Social Work masters graduate of Widner University with a focus in clinical trauma and is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist who focuses on working with the comorbid population involving trauma and addiction. She is also the Owner & Training Development Officer of CE Training Workshops, LLC which she began operating in 2017 due to her love of teaching & developing others!

She has 20+ years of combined training & development and social services experience in the corporate sector, substance use recovery programs, and mental health. She has worked with large brand organizations as well as with the homeless population, at-risk families, substance use disorder and recovery programs, and mental health support programs. She is trained in learning methodologies and instructing techniques as well as course material development.

In her spare time, Lorna volunteers at her church as a 4-YO classroom teacher and is an avid pickleball player.

Shannon McCabe, MA, LCAS, CCS, CCJP, CPS  is a multi-discipline masters level professional. Shannon is a Durham native. Her undergraduate degrees are in sociology and criminal justice. Shannon also has her MA in Forensic Psychology as well as a graduate certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling.  She started her career in education and worked for many years with gang-involved youth. Shannon also provides Clinical Supervision for aspiring Alcohol & Addiction Counselors and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists.

After transitioning from education to full-time mental health, Shannon spent many years working with adolescents and adults struggling with severe and persistent mental illness, and/or substance use disorder, and chronic homelessness. Shannon offers over 20 years of experience working with these vulnerable populations. Shannon also believes in and strongly supports harm reduction initiatives as well as being an ally in the fight to ensure that our most vulnerable populations are treated with dignity and respect in their journey in recovery.

In her spare time, Shannon rehabilitates wildlife and believes strongly in the healing impact of animals in the therapeutic setting.

Types of Clinical Supervision Services we offer:

Internship to sit for the CADC exam (300 hours): In order to qualify for the IC&RC ADC exam, you must complete 300 hours of supervised work with a CCS or CSI at a ratio of 1 hour of supervision per 10 hours of work. Clinical Supervision is a requirement in order to complete the registration process for credentialed substance use counselors with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board (NCSAPPB). Interns will explore counselor identity, clinical development, the 12 Core Functions. Skills, Knowledge, Attitude focus (60%-attitude, 30%-knowledge, 10%-skill).

The estimated length of time for this service is approximately 10 weeks.*

CADC-A & LCAS-A: Counselors-in-training who have completed the registration process and pursuing a full license or credential will receive guidance, training, feedback on skills and documentation, and mentorship in the 12 core functions. The focus for the first year of Supervision is Skills, Knowledge, Attitude focus (50%-attitude, 40%-knowledge, 10%-skill). Then after the first year, the focus shifts to 40%-attitude, 30%-knowledge, 30%-skill. We will cover a variety of “anticipatory guidance topics” such as the suicide of a client, non-compliant clients, ethical dilemmas, and much more to ensure that you are prepared to face most circumstances that will arise in your counseling career. CADC full certification requires 6000 hours (3 years) of supervised work hours at a ratio of 1:40 (150 hours). LCAS full licensure requires 2000 hours (1-year post Masters) of supervised work hours at a ratio of 1:40 (50 hours).

The estimated length of time of supervision for Certification is 150 weeks (or 150 hours).*

The estimated length of supervision for Full Licensure is 50 weeks or (50 hours).*

Clinical Supervisor Intern (CSI): Clinical Supervisor Interns in training will receive supervision from a Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS). The CSI is supervised by a CCS at a ratio of 1:80 hours. The CSI is required to complete 4,000 hours (2 years) of supervised clinical supervisory experience verified by a CCS.

The estimated length of supervision for Full Certification as a CCS is 50 weeks or (50 hours).*

For any of our services, supervisees will sign a supervision contract and a clinical development disclosure statement.

*Length in supervision will depend on the counselor’s motivation to complete required tasks, activities, and documentation. Clinical supervisors are gatekeepers to the professional clinical practice and may elect to not refer a counselor in training for a full or associate license. Payment for services is a payment for the time in supervision not for a recommendation for credentialing. Recommendation for credentialing is earned by the counselor in training. In addition to the supervision, the individual will need to successfully pass the appropriate examination assigned to the credential. 

  • Our pricing structure is affordable and flexible!

  • 300-hour CADC internship Clinical Supervision is a flat fee of $650.

  • Individual Clinical Supervision rate is $155 per 2-hour session.

  • Group Supervision (limited to 8-10 members per group) rate is $90 per 2-hour session.

  • Pre-pay discounts are available for blocks of hours!

  • Clinical Supervision for CADC-A & LCAS-A will be offered via Zoom every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month (with the exception of holidays) from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

  • Supervision for Clinical Supervision Interns (CSI) will be offered via Zoom every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (with the exception of holidays) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and based on demand.

  • This will provide consistent participants with 4 hours of Clinical Supervision per month.

  • For those of you who would prefer one-on-one Clinical Supervision, dates and times will be discussed on an individual basis and in accordance with supervisor availability.


If you are ready to begin the process of supervision or if you just need more information, please complete the contact form and I will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss the next steps on this exciting journey!

Lorna Vanden Heuvel, MSW, LCSWA, LCAS, CSI, CCTPI

Owner & Clinical Supervisor, CE Training Workshops, LLC

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